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Computer Basics

This course starts with need for Computers and takes you to hardware detailing of CPU. We will discuss in details about different components of computer hardware, motherboard & ports. Then we will study about software, need & types. Lastly we would get a detail idea of what is Internet & how it works for us.

Robotics & IoT

By the end of this course you will have clear Idea of Microcontrollers, Arduino hardware, Arduino programming, using Arduino IDE to program the microcontroller. You will study about more than 30 sensors and use them in 35+ projects. You will be able to spot a problem, formulate solution for same and apply your Robotics & IoT experience to solve it.

Learn to Code – C Programming

By the end of this course, you will be able to Understand a problem, think logically on its solution, think programmatically over the logic, apply Algorithm & write correct syntax, create software (.exe file). Have a wholesome idea of Programming environment, set stage for next programming language and open door to Robotics and IoT.